These Star Wars Dog Costumes Are So Cute They Should Be Cast To The Movie

star wars dog costumes feat

Star Wars craze keeps going and it seems it’s only getting more and more intense as time goes by. Fans worship the popular franchise from the very beginning and the original trilogy and collect everything that has something to do about it, not to mention Halloween costumes presenting Star Wars characters. Yet some fans go further with the Star Wars craze than others. For example, some put even their pets into Star Wars costumes. Let’s check out some Star Wars dog costumes that are totally into the craze, or at least their owners are.

1. The cutest Obi-Wan Kenobi ever! The first Star Wars dog costumes on the list

star wars dog costumes 3


2. The Bark Star – get it? Like the death star

star wars dog costumes 4

3. Princess Leia and Darth Vader, hope there will be no fight, both are cute.

star wars dog costumes 5

4.  Aw2-D2. Love this picture of a dog Star Wars costume

star wars pet costumes 6

5. Lol! This is perfect! Chewbacca…bet he likes to chew the toy

star wars pet costumes 7


6. Watch out this pug is dangerous!

star wars pet costumes 19

7. Yoda looking great! Need a weird and confused advice? Ask this dog

star wars pet costumes 9

8. I wanted to be the dark lord!

star wars pet costumes 10

9. This duo are my favorite from the list! Just look at them

star wars pet costumes 12


10. This mask won’t last long…

star wars pet costumes 13

11. Look how cute am I, and you said I’m more C-3Po

star wars pet costumes 14

12. Nice and smooth… subtile and cool

star wars pet costumes 15

13. I know, I look wise, right? Hear me

star wars pet costumes 16


14. Damn, all costumes of R2D2 were sold …

star wars animal costumes 17

15. Let’s play Star Wars!

star wars animal costumes 18

16. I will take care of old Yoda, no worries!

star wars animal costumes 20

17. ( the Imperial march theme )

star wars animal costumes 21

18. Yub yub

star wars animal costumes 23


19. Silly dog Star Wars costume

star wars animal costumes 24

20. Princess Lesia

star wars animal costumes

21. Pug totally digs it

star wars animal costumes 2

22. Wow! Impressive Star Wars costume for a pooch.

star wars dog costumes 11

23. BB-8 is getting more and more popular among dog fans.

star wars dog costumes 8

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