These Halloween Food Ideas For Kids Lunch Boxes Are All Eyeballs, Skulls And Fingers And We Love Halloween So Much

Japanese parents are sharing their creative Halloween food ideas for kids on social media. Some of the lunch boxes include fingers,eyeballs and skulls. Everything a creepy kid loves. Check out some of the examples below and see if you still have your appetite 

The best food art is coming from Japan, you must’ve noticed that reading articles here on the Awesome Daily or simply browsing through Instagram, Twitter or another social network. But what happens when western culture trends hits the country of the rising sun, you’re about to see in the gallery below.

Japanese Twitter users shared photos of their Halloween-themed bento boxes and amazed the Internet community with their creativity. Okay, the community also got a bit discussed, but hey it’s the Halloween part of the year and it’s coming really close!

These packed lunches or Halloween food ideas for kids are anything but ordinary. If you are like the majority of us, packed lunch is equal to a sandwich to you but in the gallery below you will see how eating on-the-go can be far more creative than that… More creative and creepy as hell! Skulls, eyeballs, even fingers on the rice with “cute” little details such as ketchup resembling blood…Hmmm…I don’t know if I could eat it these! Check out for yourself the best examples of Japanese jaw-dropping Halloween-themed bento boxes featuring ghoulish delights and terrifying treats. You might get inspired and get some Halloween food idea to surprise your kid and amaze his/her school buddies on November 1st.

What’s this?! This disturbing lunchbox features rice, sausages, and salmon roe.
halloween food ideas for kids 1 (1)

OMG! Eyeballs in the lunch box!  Fingers as well…Bon Appetit!

halloween food ideas for kids 2 (1)

This is more acceptable for kids… ghosts and pumpkins themed meal.

halloween food ideas for kids 3 (1)

Okay, Burton fans here is something for you!

halloween food ideas for kids 4 (1)

Boiled eggs are sliced in half to create cheeky ghosts in this lunchbox.

halloween food ideas for kids 5 (1)

Simple and awesome!

halloween food ideas for kids 6 (1)

So many details in this playful Halloween themed lunch box.

halloween food ideas for kids 7 (1)

A Despicable Me minion is given a Halloween makeover with fangs.

halloween food ideas for kids 8 (1)

I could eat this one…It’s creepy and cute.

halloween food ideas for kids 9 (1)

Love this one! Check out sausages as mummies, transformed using cheese stripes.

halloween food ideas for kids 10 (1)

Do you have a cool Halloween food idea you want to share with us? Please do



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