These Adorable Premature Twin Girls Celebrate Life With Creative Portraits


Though they’re only eight months old, Leia and Lauren are two of THE cutest twins you will ever see.  Their parents, Singapore’s Amber Yong and Peter Lok, found out early on that this was a high risk pregnancy because these twins are MOMO (they shared the same amniotic sack).

The proud parents  decided that they would do everything possible to celebrate their beautiful daughters lives once they came into the world healthy and safe. They decided to create an Instagram account for the photogenic preemies “as a medium to document their growing journey.” Thanks to Lok’s love of photography their mother’s love of sets and style, the creative couple have kept friends, family, and followers up to date on the girls’ progress in a fun filled way. Which is kind off how everyone does it these days right? Instagram became our digital photo book for keeping friends and family up to date on our lives.

Yong and Lok’s photo journal has now gone viral and the proud parents told TODAY,

“We are just glad that [Leia and Lauren] bring so much joy and positivity to their followers.”  

The girls were delivered two months early, but have grown by leaps and bounds! If you want to be a part of this life affirming  journey full of love, laughter, and positivity, you can visit Leia and Lauren’s Instagram page.

Leia and Lauren have more than 300K fans following them and being a part of their journey

Premature Twin Girls 2


From the early age of just 1 month, to now close to three years old.

cute twins baby photos 3

No doubt that at such early age, the mother is the one behind the creative photos

cute twins baby photos 4

And she does an excellent job as you can see from the popularity of the twins

cute twins baby photos 5

Keep scrolling to see all the photos in the gallery

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cute twins baby photos 17

Premature Twin Girls 18

Premature Twin Girls 19
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