There’s A Place In Japan Called Okunoshima Or Rabbit Island And It’s Heaven For Bunny Lovers

There’s a magical place in Japan that has more rabbits than humans. Okunoshima is the real life rabbit island that has many visitors smiling and taking pictures while visiting. It’s no surprise really, rabbits are adorable, fluffy and for the most part just too cute to handle.

In Japan there’s a Fox Village and a Cat heaven island, but the rabbit island is still very unique because this tiny place in the inland is not so famous yet. The name Okunoshima or The Island of Rabbits is full of cute and approachable bunnies that love to engage with the visitors.

It is reported that the island had its first bunny forty years ago and now over three-hundred wild rabbits run free on the land and are still curious about the humans who come visit and give them treats. There are many types and breeds of rabbits and bunnies living on the island hence the place was appropriately nicknamed ” Rabbit Island “.

Visitors to the island can pet, feed or cuddle with the rabbits and the animals are very receptive and friendly to humans, they seem like they have a big appetite. One visitor to the island wrote about it ” There is no difficulty finding the bunnies, from the moment you step off the ferry they come bounding up to visitors hoping to get fed. ” Check out the pictures below and share with your bunny loving friends.

Okunoshima or the rabbit island is a magical place for rabbit lovers

okunoshima rabbit island (1)

From the first moment you step of the ferry the bunnies will bound you up to get some treats

okunoshima rabbit island 2 (1)

Right now the island has more than 300 hundred bunnies from all types of breeds living free on it

okunoshima rabbit island 3 (1)

They love to interact with the visitors and ask them for treats and food

okunoshima rabbit island 4 (1)

Compared to other unique places in Japan, Rabbits Island is a tiny place that is not very famous yet

okunoshima rabbit island 5 (1)

But for bunny lovers, it’s paradise

okunoshima rabbit island 6 (1)

You can and should bring some snacks if you plan visiting this tiny place, so you’ll have something to give them

okunoshima rabbit island 7 (1)

This visitor took it one step further and gave the little guys a chance to give him kisses

okunoshima rabbit island 8 (1)

Keep scrolling for more images…

okunoshima rabbit island 9 (1)

Here’s a video the island too:

okunoshima rabbit island 10 (1)

okunoshima rabbit island 11 (1)

okunoshima rabbit island 12 (1)


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