5 Reasons Why Corgi Puppies Are The Best And 25 Pictures That Prove This Statement


It’s no surprise why corgi puppies are the kings of the internet, maybe only cats have more respect or internet fame but corgis are a close second for sure. The short bodies, the tiny legs and the way they walk, forget about it. If you’re still not convinced that these dogs are kings of the internet just look at these 5 reasons why corgi puppies or just corgis in general are the best breed of dogs:

1. Corgi puppies are basically royalty

corgi puppies 1a (1)

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Well, at least the closest thing to it, The highly intelligent breed has been a favorite for the British Royal Family for more than seventy years, yes i said seventy. Queen Elizabeth II herself owned more than 30 corgis during her time as Queen. Think about that.


2. When corgis play it’s looks like a battle

corgi puppies 2a (1)

Honestly seeing two corgi pups play together is the funniest thing ever. Why? Because with their long body and tiny legs, every move they make looks like they’re about to charge the battle of normandy. These dogs are high energy and very playful, it’s not uncommon that they nibble here and there during their play time.

3. Their face can’t tell any lies

corgi puppies 3a (1)

Corgis will be the worst poker players, their face is very expressive meaning that everything they feel you will see immediately, so it’s kind of cool when they’re puppies and everything is new to them to look at their face.

4. You might need to choose between the two breeds

corgi pups 4a (1)

There are actually two breeds of corgis, the Cardigan Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The two types of breeds are very similar and have the same character, so don’t stress it too much, they’re both adorable.

5. Corgis can get chubby or even fat

corgi pups 5a (1)

Corgis can be pretty athletic, but like many other dog breeds they can easily eat too much and become chubby or even fat, if you decide to adopt a corgi puppy, make sure to give him or her plenty of exercise so they will stay in shape.


Now look at this list of 25 corgi puppies that are so cute you might cry:

1. This little corgi puppy that got his tongue stuck

corgi pups (1)

2. Same puppy as above but this time all warm and cosy

corgi pups 2 (1)

3. This corgi is best friends with a pit bull

corgi pups 3 (1)


4. This puppy just likes to sleep all day

corgi pups 4 (1)

5. Watching Homeland is this guy’s deal

corgi pups 5 (1)

6. This corgi pup hates baths, not sure why

corgi pups 6 (1)

7. Corgis fit perfectly inside trash cans

corgi pups 7 (1)


8. This dog is called Buster, and he likes to chew rocks

corgi pups 8 (1)

9. Ruby is adorable and has no idea what she’s doing

corgi dogs 9 (1)

10. That face right? Corgis are the best

corgi dogs 10 (1)

11. Christmas sweaters are a favorite of this dog

corgi dogs 11 (1)

12. Wrapped in a bath towel just like a toddler

corgi dogs 12 (1)


13. Wearing a bow tie is this dog’s style

corgi dogs 13 (1)

14. Live long and prosper

corgi dogs 14 (1)

15. Smiling is what they do best

corgi dogs 15 (1)

16. So tiny it can fit inside a hand bag

corgi dogs 16 (1)

17. Going shopping with mommy

corgi dogs 17 (1)

18. Did we mention their expressive face?

corgi dogs 18 (1)

19. When your corgi wants something

corgi pets 19 (1)

20. Every dog loves riding the car

corgi pets 20 (1)

21. Christmas Corgi

corgi pets 21 (1)

22. ” I am the man of the house now ” Yeah right – LOL

corgi pets 22 (1)

23. Tiny as a water bottle

corgi pets 23 (1)

24. First time in the snow

corgi pets 24 (1)

25. Stay safe everyone

corgi puppies 25 (1)

Looking at these corgi dogs made me get up for the pc and hug my dog, share this post and do the same


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