The Museum of Failure That Best Celebrates The Human Evolution History


If at first you don’t succeed, don’t worry, you can even end up in a museum! “If plan A didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters!” seem to be the motto of this incredible museum that stores some of the most hilarious failures that big companies have produced over the years. Some of the exhibits include the Nike Magneto, a pair of sunglasses that has magnets on the side so that the person wearing the sunglasses can glue a magnet to the side of the head. Wait, what? Yes, exactly. It could have worked…if you were Iron Man.

Also, from the long series of failures, you will find The Minitel, the “No More Woof” device which was meant to translate a dog’s brainwaves into human language, the Rejuvenique, an anti-aging electric shock face mask, even a portable turntable. All of these are… “mistakes, it’s a word you’re too embarrassed to use. You oughta’ not be. You’re a product of trillions of them. Evolution forged the entirety of sentient life on this planet using only one tool… The mistake”. And this is not a mistake, it’s just me remembering one of my favourite lines from the HBO series “Westworld”. Now, let’s get back to our museum, which, if you haven’t guessed yet,  is called “The Museum of failure”. This museum is not really a joke, since failure has always been a stepping stone to evolution. When you are learning a new thing, you are going to fail a few times along the way.

The Museum of failure is actually, a pop-up museum that is traveling around the globe and has recently moved in a new home in L.A. Originally displayed in Sweden, it presents an incredible collection of flops and foibles. There is new content arriving almost monthly and you could alone post your own failure so that people can admire it in the Museum of Failure. How about that?

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