17 Avengers Read Mean Tweets About Themselves or Their Characters. Watch Their Reactions

You’ve seen them all, adored them, laughed with them, even cried with them following the last Avengers: Infinity War, but have you ever posted a mean tweet about them? Yeah, right, how could you do that? Well, apparently, some people did and like the super-heroes they are, they didn’t take it personally and just laughed about it. We’re talking about the Avengers actors reading mean tweets about themselves and their characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tough job they have, don’t you think?

We say you shall scroll down for these 17 really mean tweets and see their expressions. They really took them like the champs they are, don’t you think? Also, there’s one big character that’s missing: the Iron Man. Probably, you just can’t write a mean tweet about Robert Downey Jr. You just can’t touch Iron Man. He knows it all and does it all. Well, Marvel fans, enjoy! …and don’t go mad!

1. Yeah. This Captain America character might be a little too righteous

Avengers read Mean tweets 1 (1)

2. Not sure what’s with this comparison, but the Black Widow can surely play with your emotions

Avengers read Mean tweets 2 (1)

3. Well, he embarked on an extraterrestrial donut and went to planet Titan. What can you say now?

Avengers read Mean tweets 3 (1)

4. What’s all this fuss about Chris Pratt actually?

Avengers Mean tweets 4 (1)

5. He’s just Loki. Leave him alone!

Avengers Mean tweets 5 (1)

6. Well, you sure know what an allergic reaction to bad shrimp looks like now

Avengers Mean tweets 6 (1)

7. Right on spot, @Danwhateveryournameis

Avengers Mean tweets 7 (1)

8. We never noticed this, but now that you’re mentioning it…

Avengers read Mean tweets 8 (1)

9. Well, not sure what he was trying to say, but…

Avengers Mean tweets 9 (1)

10. That Twitter guy has some imagination

Avengers Mean tweets 10 (1)

11. Does he?

Avengers Mean tweets 11 (1)

12. Well, she also has some incredible powers. Sure you want to meet her?

Avengers read Mean tweets 12 (1)

13. What’s a muskrat?

Avengers read Mean tweets 13 (1)

14. “I’ll do one better: Why is Gamora?”

Avengers read Mean tweets 14 (1)

15. Vision didn’t see this coming

Avengers read Mean tweets 15 (1)

16. Ant-Man is just all of us

Avengers read Mean tweets 16 (1)

17. For those of you who don’t know who she is, check out Gamora’s sister again. We know, she looks too pretty for Nebula

Avengers read Mean tweets 17 (1)

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