Taking It To The Museum! These Street Artists Put Their Outdoor Work On Display Indoors


From the street to the museum! These urban artists were recently chosen for an opportunity of a lifetime by the Long Beach Museum of art, which allowed them to showcase their work on the walls of its facility.

The project, known as ‘Vitality and Verve: Transforming the Urban Landscape,’ included several artists who specialize in murals fit for the community. These originators used both traditional and non-traditional means to formulate masterpieces that individuals from all over the country viewed inside of the museum. Check out a few of the creations, along with the artists who imagined them, below!

museum art on walls 2

This captivating piece is by Audrey Kawasaki. It appears to be a woman surrounded by imaginative creatures.

museum art on walls 3


James Bullough’s mural of a nude woman also captivated viewers at the exhibit.

museum art on walls 4

Just look at the amount of detail the artist puts into the mural.

museum art on walls 5

This piece is by Esao Andrews.

museum art on walls 6

He also invested a lot of energy into the specifics of the picture.

museum art on walls 7


Alex Yanes went all out for this piece that, literally, comes off the wall.

museum art on walls 8

Brendan Monroe creates a mystery with his painting.

museum art on walls 9

Don’t stare too long.

museum art on walls 10

Saber definitely takes it to the streets with this creation.

museum art on walls 11
















Greg “Craola” Simkins focuses on things that crawl, fly and swim in his mural.

museum art on walls 12

The ladybug is beautiful.

museum art on walls 13

Cryptik remains true to his name with this creation that resembles ancient artistry.

museum art on walls 14

This was another painting that came off the wall.

museum art on walls 15


The piece was crafted by Jeff Soto.

museum art on walls 16

Andrew Schoultz does a great job of depicting what would make for a fashionable section in a neighborhood café.

museum art on walls 17

Every element of the innovation screams modernity,

museum art on walls 18

and every aspect is meticulously designed.

museum art on walls 19

David “Meggs” Hooke also makes a bold statement.

museum art on walls 20


Nosego’s work is a thought outside of the box.

museum art on walls 21

The dragon that Aaron Horkey showcased at the exhibit definitely put cream on top of the project.

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