What Superheroes And Villains Do When They’re Not Fighting

The job of a superhero is saving the world from villains who try to find a way to destroy it or to rule it. But what are they doing when they’re not in the middle of an epic fight? Ottawa-based photographer Daniel Picard has done some thinking on this topic which resulted with a series of interesting photos presenting superheroes and villains busy with common, everyday responsibilities and actions.

They must clean the snow from the car, go to the gas station and do all the common things normal people do. Never the less, they also have flaws like ordinary people, like jealousy and they tend to ratting each other. Check out this and more at the gallery below and if you like what you see you can go further and purchase Picard’s book here:  ‘Figure Fantasy’.

superhero mundane things 1

superhero mundane things 2

superhero mundane things 3

superhero mundane things 4

superhero mundane things 5

superhero mundane things 6

superhero mundane thing 7

superhero mundane thing 8


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