Geeky Dad Makes Adorable Star Wars Lunches For His Kids


What do you get when you combine a geeky dad, star wars, free time, and kids?

Star Wars Lunches 1


Star Wars Lunch Boxes!

Star Wars Lunches 2

Beau Coffron (Lunch Box Dad), has created impeccable lunches for his kids featuring Star Wars characters. Beau says doing this has helped him bond with his children as he learns more about their interests and then by creating these interests as their lunches.

Star Wars School Lunches ideas 3

Look at Chewbacca!! So much talent has to be had in order to create this!

Star Wars School Lunches ideas 4

Star Wars School Lunches ideas 5

He’ll even combine interests if necessary.

Star Wars Lunches 6


And he keeps them relatively healthy!

Star Wars Lunches 7

Star Wars Lunches 8

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