This Simple Floating Rubbish Bin Is A Waste Management System That Could Save The Ocean From Deterioration


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Because of the increasing alarming threat of the global crises on water pollution many countries are looking at the simplest way possible to at least lessen the worsening effect of this global issue on natural water resources such as oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and swamps that largely affect all the aquatic living organisms.

Australian surfers named Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski founded the Seabin Project which provides a very inexpensive and basic solution to the rapid increase of water pollution in the world. Seabin Project introduces automated floating trash bin that gathers all kinds of garbage floating in the water. This system is believed to revolutionize the ocean cleaning technology that is created to function 24 x 7 and whole year round that will aid in enhancing a cleaner life for all living organisms. This project has been broadcast and introduced in worldwide media and articles about revolutionary waste management has been written.


The founders of the Seabin Project resolve to venture on small scale, targeting the ports, yacht clubs and marinas to install this rubbish systems where garbage normally builds up. The Seabin is floating in water and attached to the dock. The water pumps on the shore then makes sure that there is a continual flow of water into the bin where floating garbage and waste flow with it. These waste materials are captured inside a bag made of natural fibre. The water on the other hand is vacuumed through the bin into the water pump and then pump back to the marina.

The Seabin Project is very effective, but low cost and low maintenance waste management system that could save the ocean waters from total deterioration. The founders set up an indiegogo campaign to source out funds for a larger scale they are about to venture on.

The Seabin Project: Website | Indiegogo | Facebook | Instagram via Inhabitat

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