This Artist Recreates Van Gogh’s Painting by Adding Pop-Culture in Them. Snoopy Starry Night

Did you every hear of Snoopy Starry Night? Probably not, because that’s not a real thing. It’s part of a Van Gogh re-creation pieces using pop culture icons like Snoopy and more.

We all know the famous artist named Van Gogh. His paintings are just hard to forget once you have seen them. Just a few days ago while I was having a conversation with my husband on where this famous artist originated from, I came across something interesting.

It first started with the debate if Van Gogh is from France or from The Netherlands. And turns out he is Dutch, and that left me kind of speechless as this artist does not look like he comes from that region.

But other than that, I found some images that look like Van Gogh’s creation but as if they were slightly edited. One of the images was ‘The Starry Night’ painting but with Snoopy.

As I look closer out of curiosity it was actually a recreational painting done by Aja Kusick. This artist has a unique style of art. She simply mixes up post-impressionism with pop culture.

She took one of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings and added well-known characters of the modern world to them. That’s why I like to call this gallery Snoopy Starry Night.

This is quite a trending form of art in the modern days that does not only involve art as in painting. It is also common in songs. Many songs nowadays are being recreated and people are loving it.

Seeing something that has fallen off of popularity come back with style is truly a work of art on its own. The emotions people get from it are usually goosebumps and a smile on their faces.

1. Spongebob in a Van Gogh painting

So this is what the New York-based artist was trying to do also. By mixing pop culture with something as precious as Van Gogh’s art, she achieved to get the attention of many around the world.

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The artist adds to the painting beloved characters we all know pretty well. Characters like Spongebob Squarepants, Peanut gang, back to the future characters, Snoopy, Harry Potter characters, and many more.

Lately, the artist has even recreated Van Gogh’s paintings by only taking his style and painting different locations of the world. She has painted the Taj Mahal, the Golden Gate Bridge, etc.

The way Kusick came up with this art style was completely by mistake. Once a blog that talked about her accidentally gave tribute to an artwork of hers to Van Gogh. That is the moment she came up with this brilliant style of art.

2. Snoopy Starry Night

Snoopy Starry Night

3. Pokemon looking at the night

4. Garfield as well

5. Calvin and Hobbes

6. The Lion King

7. The Taj Mahal

8. A brilliant combination of The Golden Gate Bridge and Van Gogh

Snoopy Starry Night

9. Charlie Brown

10. Beavis And Butthead

11. Space Balls the movie

12. Link from The Legend of Zelda

13. Pinky and The Brain

Snoopy Starry Night

14. Stewie from Family Guy

15. Futurama

16. Star Wars

17. Care bears

Snoopy Starry Night

18. Unicorn

19. Beautiful Unicorn again

20. Mount Fuji

21. Super Mario Brothers

Snoopy Starry Night

22. Saruman from Lord of the Rings

23. Unicorn

24. The ghost from Spirited Away

25. Back to the future


Snoopy Starry Night

27. Nice

28. The Hollywood sign

29. The Eiffel Tower

30. Las Vegas sign

Snoopy Starry Night

More info: Website | Instagram. All images are by artist Aja Trier

h/t mymodernmet 

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