Rachel Beltz Creates Paintings The Size Of a Quarter

rachel beltz coin paintings feat (1)

This twenty one year old is doing something a little out of the norm.. most artists try to push the limits by creating bigger work. Instead, her paintings are small enough to be hidden by a quarter.

Rachel Beltz uses her miniature watercolor paintings to push her audience out of the daily norm; making them remember the “smaller,” beautiful details of life. Using this medium, she aims to create realistic miniatures all measuring in at about the size of a quarter. Imagine a house at this size- a hamburger?- maybe a huge desert with a cactus or even a cat; she has painted them all, plus about a hundred more and counting. Rachel constantly pushes the boundaries of this fluid medium; squeezing in all of the details she can, like the seed of a strawberry or the wrinkle of an elephant. The fast-paced society that she grew up in has caused her to want to make a difference.

apple pie (1)


budweiser (1)

burger (1)

cat in cup (1)

cats (1)


elephant (1)

fairy house (1)

fanta (1)

goldfish (1)


mouse (1)

Nikkormat (1)

pancakes (1)

pizza (1)

reflection house (1)


rottie (1)

snail (1)

snitch (1)

split (1)


strawberry (1)

Source: Instagram