Pugemon – If All The Original Pokemon Were Pugs


This latest series entitled ‘Pugemon’ will definitely catch the attention of Pokemon fans out there, for this is an even cuter version developed in combination with pugs. This is definitely witty!

Illustrator Sean Dowling who is based in Brisbane, Australia, started this series with Bulbasaur because his big smile slightly resembles a pug. He then continued on to other characters and found it enjoyable so he did it to the other 100+ pokemon characters. He has finished the latest Pugemon Poxedex.

To be exact, Dowling has already completed 110 characters out of 150 Pokemon, naming Charizard as ‘Pugizard’, Squirtle as ‘Squirtpug’, and Pikachu as ‘Pugachu’

Pugemon series is now soliciting funds through Kickstarter. It has raised more than $1,740 out of $8,000 target fund to raise within 21 days. wanna help? check here.

pugemon 1

pugemon 2

pugemons 3

pugemons 4

pugemon 5

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