Preserved Pizza Art Is The Best Form Of Art You Never Knew You Needed

preserved pizza feat (1)

Do you remember Portable Pizza Necklace accessory which makes sure that you never suddenly run out of pizza by allowing you to have a piece of pizza always close to you? Well, here we have something different but similar, this strange invention makes sure that your pieces of pepperoni pizza will live forever preserved in clear lucite. Ok, now we touched a philosophical or maybe religious issues here, rather than practical. Pizza forever, never ending pizza, pizza beyond time… You can put it on a special place in your room or even make your own art arranging the pieces, like that star on the photo in the gallery below. The possibilities are endless and preserving a pizza is something that you never thought you needed in your life, until now. After all, pizza is life.

This immortal preserved pizza pieces are named the Forever Pizza slices  and are made by artist Steph Mantis. Check out more photos below. And as usual don’t forget to share this with your pizza loving friends.

preserved pizza in lucite (1)

preserved pizza in lucite 2 (1)

preserved pizza in lucite 3 (1)

preserved pizza in lucite 4 (1)

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