25 of the Most Relatable Friend Zone Memes on the Internet to Make Sure it Hurts

Friendzone hurts, boys! I’m sure you know it. You’ve all went through that phase where you loved a girl, but she saw a very good friend in you and when you asked for more, she wouldn’t understand. “What? Do you want us to be super mega friends? We can be that!” And it goes on and on like that.

It never ends. You just change the girl or find another one or you just stay in the friendzone forever hoping the hell will stop one day and the heavenly lips of your favourite girl will touch yours…ok, now wake up, you’re just dreaming! You’re still in friendzone.

We’ve also checked Wikipedia to see what she thinks of the friendzone and she’s quite professional about it:

“when one person in a platonic relationship wishes to enter into a romantic relationship while the other does not. It is generally considered to be a regrettable situation by the lovelorn person. Common publications giving advice on dating state that once this situation has happened in a relationship, it is difficult to undo”.

Well, now let’s see what it really looks and feels like in 25 most relatable friend zone memes on the internet

1. The champ is here, ladies and gentlemen!

friend zone memes 19 (1)

2. A brother or a lamp, there’s no difference, is there?

friend zone memes 1 (1)

3. Super Mario has a great leap to make. Not sure he’ll make it, though

friend zone memes 2 (1)

4. I’m curious what level 100 looks like

friend zone memes 3 (1)

5. He just wants something more

friend zone pics 4 (1)

6. Mom just doesn’t get it, right?

friend zone pics 5 (1)

7. You, boys, surely know the struggle

friend zone pics 6 (1)

8. Friendzone dilemma, a painful one

friend zone pics 7 (1)

9. Give it up to the one true king of the friendzone!

friend zone pics 8 (1)

10. Friendzone. Friendzone. Friendzone. Too much friendzone

friend zone puns 9 (1)

11. The friendzone is like Mordor, dangerous place to be in

friend zone puns 10 (1)

12. It almost looks like he’s asking her to marry him…only that he isn’t

friend zone puns 11 (1)

13. This is a dark teacher

friend zone puns 12 (1)

14. Helping a best friend kiss her boyfriend

friend zone puns 13 (1)

15. “Let me hold your laptop while you message your boyfriend!”

friendzone memes 14 (1)

16. Quasimodo was quite an unlucky guy. I am almost sorry for him

friendzone memes 15 (1)

17. A woman needs to sit down, so she asks her friend to support her

friendzone memes 16 (1)

18. Men make the best best friends for women, don’t you think?

friendzone memes 17 (1)

19. This is hardcore friendzone. Are you alright, man?

friendzone memes 18 (1)

20. This guy is a hero. Forget Superman, he’s the man!

friend zone examples 20 (1)

21. Next level friendzone

friend zone examples 21 (1)

22. This is some sort of flashy thinking

friend zone examples 22 (1)

23. Friendzone is a way of building a relationship, let’s face it!

friend zone examples 23 (1)

24. This is friendzone of the dark side

friend zone examples 24 (1)

25. Such a happy place…or not?

friend zone memes 25 (1)

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