Meet Bone Bone The Huge Fluffy Cat That Turns Heads In Thailand And People Always Asking To Take Photos With Him

What’s the best quality you’re looking for in a cat? It’s the fluffiness, right?! And here we have a cat that is so fluffy you won’t believe your own eyes. Yet, he’s real, his name is Bone Bone and he lives in Thailand. In his homeland, he already has a status of a celebrity. Just check out the number of followers on his Instagram account! Over 30k, you must admit it’s impressive. All that people just adore Bone Bone and like to see him in various adventures while he’s wearing his tiny yellow spiky backpack which is kind of a trademark of this fluffy kitty.

Just as most of the celebrities, Bone Bone has strange caprice; prepare for the horror… he doesn’t like to be pet! Oh, what a shame! All that fluffiness and you can’t even touch it! Nevertheless, he allows his admirers to take a photo of him and photo with him which they don’t miss doing. Wherever Bone Bone goes, for a play in the park or simply on the street, he’s been recognised and adored. Check out in the gallery below some of his adventures and try to resist that fluffy fur. Damn, it’s difficult!

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Fluffy cat Bone Bone is like a celebrity in his own country Thailand

fluffy cat bone bone (1)

Looking at his pictures, it’s easy to see why he is so popular, he has an amazing coat of fur with the most beautiful eyes you ever saw

fluffy cat bone bone 2 (1)

But despite his unique look, his most recognizable trademark is the yellow spike backpack he wears wherever he goes

fluffy cat bone bone 3 (1)

If it’s climbing trees, or just talking a walk through the park, Bone Bone is quickly recognized by people asking to take pictures of him, or with him

huge cat bone bone 4 (1)

But don’t let that fool you, like most cats, Fluffy Bone Bone loves to sleep most of all

huge cat bone bone 5 (1)

Look at how popular he is

huge cat bone bone 6 (1)

Walking the market with his owner…

huge cat bone bone 7 (1)

Being stopped for photos all the time

huge cat bone bone 8 (1)

He seems happy with all the attention

huge cat bone bone 9 (1)

Keep scrolling to see more cute pictures

huge cat bone bone 10 (1)

fluffy cat bone bone 11 (1)

fluffy cat bone bone 12 (1)

fluffy cat bone bone 13 (1)

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