Japanese Artist Makaon Creates Awesome Soda Cans Art Of Your Favorite Pop Culture Characters And We Are Really Impressed

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On the Internet, you can find numerous great ideas how to recycle used items and people seem to just love those! It is a great way to keep our planet from pollution and to have some fun along the way. But what makes me feel excited the most is when people turn something that has no longer any purpose and would become a junk into a fantastic piece of art. These soda cans art pieces are just what i’m talking about.

This artist from Japan uses beer (and soft drinks) cans to make cool pop-culture sculptures. Batman, Darth Vader, Smurf, and My Little Pony are just some of the artworks made out of used cans by this creative artist, Makaon. In the process of creating pop culture characters sculptures, Makaon uses traditional origami techniques. The only difference is that she’s not using paper as her material but can tin. She named her creations ‘Making Various Things with Empty Cans’ – clear and simple!

Check out in the gallery some of her works and try to figure out which brand cans were used for particular sculpture. Have fun scrolling down! More info: Makaon website

Super Mario sculpture made out of various brands of soda cans art by Makaon

soda cans art 1 (1)


I love the “Coca-Cola” boots on the “Carlsberg” frog’s body

soda cans art 2 (1)

Wow! Toy Can Story! Buzz lightyear and Woody

soda cans sculptures 3 (1)

Awesome sculpture – say hello

soda cans sculptures 4 (1)

Totoro can sculpture

soda cans sculptures 5 (1)



soda cans sculptures 6 (1)

Air bender? not sure about this character

soda cans sculptures 7 (1)

Oh, Winnie Pooh… going for some honey. How adorable!

beer cans art 8 (1)

You can’t skip Darth Vader if you’re dealing with pop culture

beer cans art 9 (1)


Olaf from Frozen – my favorite of all the soda cans art pieces

beer cans art 10 (1)

Hello Kitty, turned out great!

beer cans art 11 (1)

Is that pikachu? Havn’t seen this little guy in a while

beer cans art 12 (1)

This little guy wants in on the party too

soda cans art 13 (1)


Batman made entirely from beer cans

soda cans art 14 (1)

Now watch these can sculptures in a video:

Aren’t these pop culture soda cans art characters’ made of soda cans authentic, or what?! Share with your friends!