Lisa Rodden Paper Art Creations Are Detailed Work Of Cutting,Slicing And Folding Layers Of Paper

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Lisa Rodden is a master paper art artist. We wrote about this method of art a few times before like Gunjan Aylawadi and his rolled paper art work, and some others. But it’s easy to see that Lisa has a style of her own and her creations really sets her apart from the pack.

The Sydney based artist has been creating art ever since she can remember and she is well taught and trained artist specialising in sculpturing, drawing, watercolors and even oil paintings. Lisa is a well known artist in both Australia and across Europe and because of her long history working with interiors this gives her good knowledge about the psychology of colors and mood. Basicly her paper art creations fits perfectly within the space they are presented.

While looking at the finished product you might think these paper art pieces are simple and easy to make. But you would be mistaken because each piece actually takes hard delicate work of cutting, slicing and folding thick layers of paper above an acrylic-painted sheet. You can see from the finished product the tiny geometric shapes and cuts reveal windows of color and a stunning art piece of layers. Visit Lisa’s website to see more of her and learn more about her. More info:

Lisa Rodden from Australia has been creating art ever since she can remember or handle a pencil

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Lisa draws her inspiration from travelling and other forms of art from North America and Europe to even Morocco and parts of Asia.

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The diversity in the lands of the earth have been a strong inspiration to her creations of this type of paper art

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Lisa also worked as a volunteer in the arts in Aboriginal communities and she says it has been one of the most enriching experiences she had

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The experiences in her traveling showed her the value and connection to earth and its importance to keep it

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” We as humans our lost without our connection to land and to one another”

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” And the state of things around us is a reflection of that ” Lisa says on her website

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