Leon the Lion Shows Off His Perfectly Styled Bouffant Locks As His Mane Attraction

Leon the lion is becoming famous and now the ultimate attraction in Czech Republic’s Usti nad Labem Zoo with his sumptuous bouffant hairstyle carefully arranged for a perfect look.

He definitely has the guts in showing off his capacious golden locks to all the visitors in the zoo as he stands head and shoulder above his fellow big cats making sure that he is the mane attraction.

Leon came at the zoo with his sister Ronja about ten years ago and both are sharing  the pen with another lion.

luxurious lion leon 1

Mane attraction:  Because of Leon’s glossy mane, this congolese lion is the utimate attraction at Usti nad Labem Zoo in the Czech Republic. 

luxurious lion leon 2

Hairy: Tourists in the zoo are wondering if Leon is getting any assistance from anyone because of his perfectly arranged capacious golden hairs.

luxurious lion leon 3

luxurious lion leon 4

Crowning glory: Leon with his sister, Ronja share their pen with another female lion.

luxurious lion leon 5

Leon’s stunning mane seems doesn’t need to maintain regularly as he relaxes on the grass. Whatever he does, his capacious shaggy locks captures the eyes of his visitors.

Some are thinking whether he has some grooming tools for himself.    luxurious lion leon 6

Pride in his appearance: This congolese lion seem doesn’t have a bad hair day with his perfectly arranged bouffant hair.

luxurious lion leon 7

luxurious lion leon 8

Styled to perfection: Leon’s hair implies to be healthy and does not tangled at any time. 

Source: Dailymail


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