Instagram Snapshots Of Norwegian Fjord’s Astounding View From The Canoe

The 41-year old Norwegian Kayaker Tomasz Furmanek, who lives in Bergen, Norway uses his GoPro and a small Sony compact camera on the front of his kayak for taking pictures of these exquisitely beautiful sceneries.

Furmanek who was a native from Poland has been enthralled by the dazzling beauty of Norway since he moved in six years ago. He has begun uploading the photos he took on his account in Instagram and gained almost 60,000 followers in just three years.

Here are the impressively stunning first-person photos taken by Furmanek in the Norwegian Fjords, from the breathtaking islands of Lofoten to the peaceful and untroubled waters of Sotra.

stunning norwegian pitures 3

 Furmanek said: ‘I have been travelling actively with my kayak for the last 3 years.’ (Above: photo taken by GoPro in Sotra, Norway)

stunning norwegian pitures 4

The natural and picturesque beauty of Norway is perfectly evident in his photos from the view of a kayaker. (above: Tomasz in Sotra in Norway)

stunning norwegian pitures 5

Furmanek, together with his fellow kyakers discovering the Naeroyfjord in Norway. He normally documents his journey online for his followers to see his gallery.

stunning norwegian pitures 6

‘I will probably travel with my kayak for many years. There are a lot of lakes and fjords that I’ve not visited yet.’ Furmanek said. (Photo taken in Lofoten)

stunning norwegian pitures 7

Tomasz Furmanek who is a native from Poland has been captivated by the peaceful beauty of Normay from the time he trasferred there. (above: Naeroyfjord)

stunning norwegian pitures 8

He said: ‘My favourite part of Norway are the Fjordarms and mountains in the Sognefjord area.’ (Pictured: Lofoten in Norway)

‘I usually go kayaking for longer trips during the weekends and in my vacation and during the week I take short kayak trips after work in the fjords near Bergen.’stunning norwegian pitures 9

stunning norwegian pitures 10

He has been actively journeying with his kayak for three years. (Pictured: Tomasz in Sotra in Norway)

stunning norwegian pitures 11

He normally goes on kayak for longer trips during the weekends and vacation. He also take short trips on kayak during the week after work.

stunning norwegian pitures 12

‘The Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway (pictured) are also very nice but the conditions are rougher and not as suitable for beginners’ Furmanek said.

stunning norwegian pitures 13

‘Sognefjellet and Voss are great for skiing, and the fjords nearby are great for kayaking.’ (Pictured: Tomasz in Naeroyfjord in Norway)

‘I will probably travel with my kayak for many years. There are a lot of lakes and fjords that I’ve not visited yet.

‘I also plan to go kayaking in other countries as well as Norway.’

stunning norwegian pitures 14

stunning norwegian pitures 15

stunning norwegian pitures 16

The picturesque landscapes, such as the one above in Naeroyfjord in Norway, are ‘liked’ by thousands of Furmanek’s followers

stunning norwegian pitures 17

Furmanek warned beginners that Lofoten in Norway (above) is known for its choppy waters and is not ideal for them.

stunning norwegian pitures 18

He is planning to go on kayak in other parts of the world when he is done discovering Norway(pictured Lofoten in Norway)




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