Disney Princesses Reimagined As Hot Dogs


We’ve seen Disney princesses being reimagined as so many different things by now: Donald Trump as Disney princesses, Disney princesses with beards, if Disney princesses had moms and so much more. So it’s no wonder for the next thing you’re about to see. A food site just created the funniest Disney princesses article ever! It’s called what if Disney princesses were turned into hotdogs. The site is called LuckyPeach and you can get the full recipes to create these LOL Disney food princesses that Anna Hezel and Gabriella Paiella made. ” Literally any way you decide to reimagine Disney princesses will be inspiring and beautiful, no matter what. Never-mind that the Disney princesses are the product of a billion-dollar capitalist behemoth, or that they emphasise conventional beauty standards and submission to men ” According to the gals. More info: LuckyPeach.com


disney princess as hot dogs 1



disney princess as hot dogs 2


disney princess as hot dogs 3


disney princess as hot dogs 4

Source: Boredpanda