iPhone Photography Awards Announces Breathtaking 2016 Winners

Like every year, in 2016 was the 9th annual iPhone Photography Awards AKA IPPAwards, the competition which really picked up steam and popularity in recent years focuses on iPhone and iPad photography. Wanna know who the winners are of this year? more than 139 countries, or to be exact, people from these countries took part in the competition this year and there were more than one winner in each of the categories. Some of the 19 categories are but not only: Abstract, News and Events, Nature, Still Life and more.

The person who won the grand prize is called Siyuan Nui from China. His stunning photo of a 70 year old Mongolian man holding a golden eagle on his hand touching noses just won everyone over, for good reason.

The picture was taken in the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, China, when Niu spoke to TIME Magazine he said that he was there shooting some photos of the snowy mountains when suddenly this man approached him riding a horse with his eagle. See the rest of his description:

” The eagle must have noticed me as it started flapping its wings and screeching. Very agitated and vigilant. The old man used his hand and his voice to calm it down. They were touching face-to-face. With my iPhone in hand, I took the shot” 

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What we love about this competition is they that most of the pictures submitted are very different from traditional photo competitions in the way that people cary their phones with them all the time, and when they see a good opportunity to take an amazing photo, they just take it out and snap it.

It is very different from where a person knowly takes his camera with him knowing he is looking for great pictures to take, searching for them etc. It creates a connection between the person and the shot that you just simply can’t copy or recreate when you actively look for that perfect shot. It’s much more personal.

The IPPAwards started in 2007 when the first iPhone was introduced into the world and pretty much changed how we communicated with each other and browsed the internet. It was also one of the first to deliver the tech to take amazing pictures with your phone.

Since that time every year the competition gets harder with more people trying to showcase their work and obviously with the advancement of the smartphones. If you want to see the full list of winners, visit the IPPAwards site.

iphone photography winners 1

© SIYUAN NIU, Xinjiang, China, Grand Prize Winner – Photographer of the Year



iphone photography winners 2

© PATRYK KYLETA, Warsaw, Poland, 1st Place – Photographer of the Year

iphone photography winners 3

© ROBIN ROBERTIS, Carlsbad CA, United States, 2nd Place – Photographer of the Year

iphone photography winners 4

© CAROLYN MARA BORLENGHI, Coral Gables FL, United States, 3rd Place – Photographer of the Year

iphone photography winners 5

© ERICA WU, San Francisco CA, United States, 1st Place – Animals



iphone photography winners 6

© METTE LAMPCOV, Los Angeles CA, United States, 2nd Place – Animals

iphone photography winners 7

© JUNBIAO CAI, Guangdong, China, 3rd Place – Animals

iphone photography winners 8

© RICHARD SMITH, Honorable Mention – Animals

iphone photography winners 9

© TANYA LU, Honorable Mention – Animals



iphone photography winners 10

© VASCO GALHARDO SIMOES, Lisbon, Portugal, 1st Place – Landscape

iphone photography winners 11

© NAZARET SANCHEZ RODRIGUEZ, Tarragona, Spain, 2nd Place – Landscape

iphone photography winners 12

© JIAN WANG, Beijing, China, 3rd Place – Landscape

iphone photography winners 13

© JUNFENG WANG, Honorable Mention – Landscape

iphone photography winners 14

© K K, Changsha, China, 1st Place – Children


iphone photography winners 15

© JIAN WANG, Beijing, China, 1st Place – Architecture

iphone photography winners 16

© LONE BJORN, Zurich, Switzerland, 1st Place – Flowers

iphone photography winners 17

© JUNFENG WANG, Shanghai, China, 1st Place – Nature

iphone photography winners 18

© KEVIN CASEY, Pemulwuy, Australia, 1st Place – Other


iphone photography winners 19

© ELAINE TAYLOR, Leeds, United Kingdom, 1st Place – Portrait

iphone photography winners 20

© WEN QI, Guangdong, China, 1st Place – Still Life

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