This Inflatable Pool Hunk Ring Actually Exists And We Want One


Ladies, can you imagine jumping to the pool for a quick swim only to find yourself in the arms of a hunky dude that may or may not be a hot life guard? Well now you can live that fantasy with the inflatable pool hunk ring that turns those lonely swims into a hot experience.

The pool hunk ring float comes with a special place to hold your beer or other drink and a six pack in the abs department, will your girlfriends notice that this is not a real dude? Probably YES, unless you stay far enough from everyone to create the illusion there’s a real hunk hugging you while you float.

Is it the perfect pool accessory for single lonely ladies? It just might be. Scroll through the pictures below to see how it looks on your arm before you purchase it, and we know you will, so don’t even try to deny. Also, what’s up with the girl and the closed Heineken bottle? Why is it closed?

This hunky pool float is perfect for those situations where the real life hot life guard is too busy or just too hot to even notice you and you don’t want to die alone, we mean, don’t want to swim alone. But on a serious note, here are a few technical facts about the hunky float you want to know:

  • When it’s inflated, it’s the size of 2.7 x 2.4-feet.
  • It weighs 1 pound
  • Users have rated this product as cool and fun

So next time you go to the pool and you have no one to hang with, just blow some air into the pool hunk ring and feel like a supermodel swimming with the hottest guy on the beach. Or something like that. You can get this awesome item on Amazon

The inflatable pool hunk in all its glory

inflatable pool hunk ring 1 (1)


Wrap your arms around a hunky life guard that can float

inflatable pool hunk ring 2 (1)

What’s with the closed beer bottle?

inflatable pool hunk ring 3 (1)

The item inside the box

inflatable pool hunk ring 5 (1)


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