Jeff Victor Created This Cool Illustrated Alphabet And It’s Every Geek’s Dream

Jeff Victor is the illustrator who created these Pop Culture illustrated alphabet. He’s making it a little bit easier for us to remember the ABC’s. Thanks, buddy. In all seriousness, this would be a fun way to teach kids the alphabet. These days A is for Apple just isn’t cutting it. It’s just boring. Who cares what letter apple starts with? How about A is for Ariel? Now you’ll never forget the letter A. You’re welcome, kids.
Jeff says “The idea for this piece came about when I realized there were many characters I wanted to paint, but couldn’t find a way to work them into my “Evolutions” series. “
This is a brilliant idea. If you want to draw or create everything, go by the alphabet. There are so many letters. Seriously, guys, there are so many. Anyway, with each letter of the illustrated alphabet, he created a different pop culture or geek icon from his favorite fandoms. I think he got them all. If not, he can always go back through and do a new illustration for each letter.
Take a look at this cool illustrated ABCs and let us know what you think in the comments section.

A is for Ariel, B is for Batman and C is for Cobra – these are only the first in the illustrated alphabet series, keep scrolling

illustrated alphabet (1)

D is for the Time Lord himself Doctor Who, E is for Edward Scissorhands and F is for Fry

illustrated abc 2 (1)

G is for Ghost Buster, H is for He-Man and I is for the famous Iron Man

illustrated abc 3 (1)

J is for Jason the creep, K is for KHAAANNNNN and L is for Leonardo, arguably the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

illustrated abc 4 (1)

M is for Mega Man, N is for Nosferatu and O is for Optimus Prime!

illustrated abc 5 (1)

P is for Pikachu, Q is for Quagmire and R is for Robocop

illustrated abc 6 (1)

S is for Saruman, T is for Akira’s Tetsuo and U is for Ursa. Superman’s arch nemesis

illustrated abc 7 (1)

V is for Vampirella, W is for Wonder Woman and X is for Xena

illustrated alphabet 8 (1)

Y is for Yoda and Z is for Zombie. And these were the illustrated alphabet by Jeff Victor

illustrated alphabet 9 (1)

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See more of Jeff’s works here: Website



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