The Iconic Laid Back Cat Was Immortalized With HIs Own Statue At His Favorite Spot

Remember this fellow (laid back cat from the pic above)? Of course, you do! He is a famous internet figure thanks to exactly the photo you can see above: sitting comfortably and relaxed, laid back on the sidewalk, just watching … you know… the world. The picture was taken by the passenger in Istanbul and went viral after he published it on social media, but the laid back cat was already well known among locals. Everyone who came across this feline guy, on the Internet or in person, had the very same thought on their mind – well, that’s some easy going cat who knows to appreciate little things in life.

The casual kitty was always happy to stay in his signature pose while his fans snapped their cameras. He was loved by the whole neighborhood and famous on the Internet. His name was Tombili and unfortunately, he passed away this August from illness. The Tombili’s neighborhood was very sad, but the whole city of Istanbul was hit by the loss and soon a statue of Tombili was erected at his favorite spot. A bronze figure of Tombili in the well-known pose now is taking place on his favorite spot where he used to chill. This is a very nice gesture and beautiful way to pay tribute to the legendary feline citizen, for sure. The statue was officially reviled on the World Animal Day, 4th October, this Tuesday. Many people came to this event. The city of Istanbul is going to keep a memory on beloved Tombili forever.

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“You will live in our hearts. Mascot of our street, beloved TOMBILI lost his struggle for life after a month and closed his eyes to life on first of August.” A loyal fan posted a note at his favorite resting spot.


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R.I.P sweet Tombili the laid back cat, the City of Istanbul will not forget you.

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