Huge Punchable USB-Connected Enter Key That Will Help You Vent And Be a Little Bit Happier In The Office

We all have those moments when we punch the enter button very hard, as in making a point by sending an email to someone who has annoyed us. Just one of these days right?

We would all like a huge punchable USB-Connected Enter Key pillow-like button to punch whenever we get angry because our laptop has crashed in the middle of a very important document and we have lost all the progress made so far. We would all like this huge, enter button so that we can punch as a sign of victory when we finished a very important project.

Apparently, somebody heard our prayers and created a huge enter key pillow with USB to help vent stress and anger without breaking anything. Seriously, you can punch this thing really hard. This giant button can be plugged in your computer and it works like a real enter key.

Punchable USB-Connected Enter Key 1 (1)


It only costs $15 and you can even lay your head on it and have a nap when there’s too much work to do and the boss isn’t around. You can find it on Amazon and it will help save your life in the office, believe us!  So, a big “enter” to relaxation and relief and a big “out” to stress and annoyance and unhappy clients and too much work! This little gadget is exactly what i need in my day job.

Punchable USB-Connected Enter Key 2 (1)

If you agree with us, hit us up with a comment and a big enter! Not too big, it might hurt your keyboard. So, until you decide to go for this huge punchable USB-Connected Enter Key pillow, take good care of how you handle your tiny, innocent enter from your keyboard! Have a great work week!

The huge punchable USB-Connected Enter Key will only set you back $15, which is a steal compared to the hours of fun

Punchable USB-Connected Enter Key 3 (1)

This is how the key looks like before you smash it

Punchable USB-Connected Enter Key 4 (1)

Did we mention that this ENTER key button can also be used as an office pillow? AWESOME!

Punchable USB-Connected Enter Key 6 (1)



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