You Wont Believe How Much The World’s Most Expensive Kebab Cost

If you want a kebab fit for a king, Cafe Hazev in Canary wharf, London has introduced the Royal Kebab.  Before you decide to dive into this delectable dish consisting of premium meats and veggies marinated in the highest quality olive oil and 25-year-old Italian vinegar you should check the royal treasury.

Most Expensive Kebab 1

According to head chef Onder Sahan, this rare vinegar sells for more than 200 pounds per bottle (that’s about 180 US dollars). This pricey marinade combined with the other premium ingredients puts the bill for this meal at over 900 pounds ( that’s over 1300.00 US).

Most Expensive Kebab 2

The point of this pricey feast is to dispel the idea that kebabs are snack for drunk diners. They are so certain that this is the best in the world that they offer a 1000.00 US to anyone that can make a better kebab!

Most Expensive Kebab 3

Most Expensive Kebab 4
Source: foodbeast


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