When Dogs Twitch And Kick In Their Sleep, Are They Having a Seizure?



It’s quite normal for dog owners to be worried about their pooches whenever they act strange and move indistinctively especially when they are on a deep sleep. Sometimes panic and worries come when you don’t know exactly what to do in that situation. But experts have some explanations on this.

dog twitching while sleeping 1

There are two main types of sleep in dogs just like the humans according to Pet Place. These are REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and SWS or slow wave sleep. The sleep cycle begins in slow wave sleep then gradually changes into REM sleep. In this stage, the “brain waves are rapid and irregular, like those of the awake stage”.

dog twitching while sleeping 2

When a pup experience a seizure, severe damage can happen to their body.. According to Canine Epilepsy, a seizure is “a sudden and uncontrolled burst of neurologic activity occurring in the brain.”

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Here are some tips from Vet Street that could guide you whenever you see your dog sleep-twitching.

1. Don’t panic.

2. Reassure your pooch.

3. Keep them warm.

4.  Educate yourself.

Here is a video showing the REM stage of sleep in a Golden Retriever:

dog twitching while sleeping 4
Source: Barkpost



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