These Hand-Made Doughnuts Shakes Are So Good They Might Kill You


Everybody loves doughnuts that compliment with a classic brewed coffee anytime of the day. A delicious doughnut is one of life’s simple satisfaction for everyday cravings. It will simply make your day delightful.

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Australia’s newest and first food truck roaming around the streets of Brisbane, The Doughnut Bar is solely committed to making doughnuts. Similar to Chocolate Komberry Co., Doughnut bar is making delicious and mouth-watering, made by hands doughnuts from a classical kombi.

Each delicious delight is created with bare hands and every week has different menus, that will make you desire to experience every variety and flavor. Flavors like Salted pretzel, Malteser, and Hershey half melt which is their signature doughnut dipped in Hershey Cookies and Creme chocolate sprinkled on top with dark chocolate chip cookies.

You can have other options like croughnuts, which is halh croissant and half doughnut that comes in flavors like oreo and peanut butter brittle  or strawberry tart.

If you would like to know where the Doughnut Bar will stop next, just visit their Facebook page.

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