Good Neighbor Does An Adorable Thing To Help a Dog Who’s Always Jumping Up Over The Fence To Say Hello

dog jumping over fence feat

Some people just have a big heart, this is how we come together and show compassion to one another, sometimes thought, a power drill will do the trick too.

Jennifer Bowman from California noticed that her neighbour’s dog wants to visit her and her pooch every day to say a quick hello, she did the most beautiful thing to help the little girl named Penny as she noticed she had a hard time and spending a lot of energy each day trying to climb the big tall wooden fence that divides the properties, so Bowman decided to do something about it.

” I just got tired of the neighbors German Shepherd jumping over the fence to peek over to say hello, so i made her a peeking spot. I think she likes it ” Bowman said

Now it’s easy for Penny to stop by and say hello to her neighbors and even smell them using the three holes Bowman created. I wish all people would be so nice

Let’s share this adorable story to spread the good people do.