French Sculptor Brings Inanimate Materials to Life With Stretched Bronze & Stone

French Sculptor Brings Inanimate Materials to Life 1

French sculptor and La Cote Martin-based artist, Romain Langlois, has been teaching himself the art of sculpture making for over 15 years.

Originally he worked with clay and plaster, but soon decided that he wanted his work to hold a longer lasting impression. The transformation to sculpting with stone and bronze helped Langlois discover his own individual style and fan base for his unique creations.

stretched bronze sculptures 3

Langlois blends materials together in a distinct way to create the impression of still molten bronze naturally fusing with stone. He does this using a specialized method that results in controlled, and relatively fast petrification and crystallization.

stretched bronze sculptures 4

Gaining his inspiration from nature, Langlois’ intentions are to bring these inanimate mediums to life by perfecting and purifying their presentations. By manipulating these elements, he challenges and shapes the viewers’ perceptions of life, death, and the world around them.

You can learn more about this artist and view more of his work here.

stretched bronze sculptures 5

stretched bronze sculptures 6

stretched bronze sculptures 7

French Sculptor Brings Inanimate Materials to Life 8

French Sculptor Brings Inanimate Materials to Life 9

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