French Designers Craft Epic Mouth-Watering Burger Photo-Series

Two French graphic designers, Thomas and Quentin, have recently crafted a new photography series of burgers that are equally awesome to look at and insanely delicious!

French Designers Craft Epic Mouth-Watering Burger Photo-Series 1

Happy Cheesy Burger

The new series, Fat & Furious Burger, is a collection of visually enticing food imagery that combines creative art and culinary skill.

Influenced by history, pop culture, holidays, and even religion, the duo captures these tasty burgers in various landscapes and scenes, connecting their unique names and ingredient combos. Some examples include a tribute to Daft Punk with the “fatter, butter, greaser burger” with ingredients like “around the bun” and “one more lime”.

Check out more of their burgers below:

French Designers Craft Epic Mouth-Watering Burger Photo-Series 2

Snow Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 3

Big Bang Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 4

Canicule Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 6

Hawaii Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 8


Fat & Furious Burger 9


Fat & Furious Burger 10

Veni Vedi Burgi

Fat & Furious Burger 11

The End Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 12

FART & Furious

Fat & Furious Burger 13
The Trojan Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 14

breaded turkey cutlet, bacon pork, beef steak, filet roasted chicken

The Thatcher Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 15

margaret duck, old granny smith, raifortme sauce, parliament rapping, sauerkraut, spinach

Fatter, Butter, Greaser Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 16

around the bun, haddock after all, technori, robot rocket, aerodynamint, the prawn time of your life, one more lime

Smurf Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 17

chopped smurf, schtroumpfes, mushrooms with garlic and parsley, creamy smurf morels, salad

Balea Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 18

chopped steak, sheep cheese melted, bayonne ham and crispy poile, romaine lettuce, stewed onions, tomato sauce, piquillo peppers and espelette pepper


Fat & Furious Burger 19

hake the enchanterelle , brousseliande , persilval , lanceloignon , moutarthtur , guinevere berries, excalibun with poppies

Burger Love

Fat & Furious Burger 20

red caramel bun, caramelized red onion, pink lady apple, pork chop, chanterelles, cheep cheese, frozen black cheery, currants

Big Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 21

The Pepper

Fat & Furious Burger 22

Baby Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 23

Spicy Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 24

The Burgirl

Fat & Furious Burger 25

Yin & Yang

Fat & Furious Burger 26

The Blue Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 27

Crabzilla Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 28

Go Green Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 29

UFO Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 30

Happy Birthger

Fat & Furious Burger 31

Game Over Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 32

Po Po Po Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 33


Fat & Furious Burger 34

full metal shank, gherkin trench, conflict onion, vinegar ballistics, grenadine flash oil from nuts

Asian Style Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 35

duck, crab, ginger, shitake

Heart Breaker

Fat & Furious Burger 36

sesame bun, artichoke hearts, tomato heart of a girl, honey vinaigrette

It Girl Burger

Fat & Furious Burger 37

homargiela baked Kenzorigan and John Paul Laurier, Issey Shitake, armanicaine sauce : white Lanvin, yamamotomate , Oursaint Lawrence Cannel No.5. Wintour pepper

Cheese Fondue

Fat & Furious Burger 38

Kebab Burger

French Designers Craft Epic Mouth-Watering Burger Photo-Series 39

grilled lamb, lettuce, tomatoes , onions, white sauce, harissa

Jurassic BurgEgg

French Designers Craft Epic Mouth-Watering Burger Photo-Series 40

steakosaurus, juracitron, cornichosaure, camemberodactyl, green raptomate, chou frisératops

Source: designboom



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