First Avengers 4: Endgame trailer is out. Let’s break it in!

Yes. The day has come for us to see the first Avengers 4 trailer and the first piece of info we get is that the last installment of our favourite super-hero movie is called “Endgame”. Is it really the end for Tony Stark and the crew of tough, save-the-world kind of guys? We shall see. The first thing that might strike you in this trailer is the absence of that sort of bombastic, crazy alien invasion and fights and effects. It almost doesn’t look like an Avengers movie. It is more introspective, appealing to the soul and revealing the true nature of a superhero.

No more Easter Eggs here as well. It’s very clean and dramatic, but in a good way. And even though the trailer is much more of a trailer and it doesn’t say much, let’s just break it down and see what we’ve got!

Avengers 4: Iron Man

Avengers-4-Tony Stark

Tony Stark is in Guardians’ second ship, living his last days in space. He’s lost. Food and water have run out and oxygen is in short supply. It must be a year after the action in Avengers: Infinity War. Tony is sending a message to Pepper Potts and that might mean she’s alive. We didn’t see her turn into dust in the Avengers:Infinity War and Tony might know something. Ooor, she’s also been turned into nothingness and Tony is sending her these messages just to keep sane and well while figuring out a way to get back in business. But who will rescue Tony Stark before the oxygen runs out? We have no clue. And there’s another question: Does Tony Stark survive the Avengers 4: Endgame or will he die a true hero?

Avengers 4: Nebula


She might be in the same ship with Tony…by the look of it. There are 80% chances she won’t come alive of this Avengers 4:Endgame.

Avengers 4: Thanos

He seems like he’s retired, you know, turning-swords-into-ploughshares or gauntlets-into-weed-farming kind of stuff. That visual with his armour as a scarecrow is pretty powerful.


Avengers 4: Captain America


He’s got some more chances of dying a hero than Tony Stark. Chris Evans has personally declared that he’s done with the role, so it looks like the Cap is taking on for the team. Also, the visual in which he’s still gazing at that Peggy Carter medallion might  tell us he’s going to reunite with her soon.

Avengers 4: Thor

Thor seems down and disappointed. His brother is dead, he knows nothing of his Jane Foster, so…poor God of Thunder!


Avengers 4: Hawkeye morphs into Ronin


We were all wondering about Hawkeye. Well, it seems he’s back in the suit of Ronin. It looks badass

Avengers 4: Ant-Man


No Captain Marvel in this trailer, but plenty of Ant Man and the fan theories about travelling through the Quantum Space and re-writing the snap are coming more and more alive.

What is more to say? Avengers: Endgame will arrive in April. Probably April 26. Stay tuned! And if you didn’t watch the trailer or you want to watch it again, here it is!

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