Mind Bending Optical Illusion Photos That Will Hurt Your Brain

Meet Erik Johansson from Sweden. He is a photographer and retoucher from based in Berlin and he had made a name for himself recently thanks to his amazing optical illusion photos that show everyday scenes with a twist. A lot of his work is manipulating and combining images together in creative ways.Below are some of his works that will definitely bend your mind. Visit his website and social accounts for more: Website | facebook | twitter | Instagram


Erik Johansson - photo manipolation22299

This is one of his most recent work called ” The Architect ” it shows a man searching for inspiration in an impossible house

Erik Johansson - photo manipolation222

These next three pictures were created for TAC ( Transport Accident Commission ) and they show the dangerous of driving under the influence of drugs

Erik Johansson - photo manipolation12

Erik Johansson - photo manipolation13

Erik Johansson - photo manipolation14

Erik Johansson - photo manipolation3

Erik Johansson - photo manipolation4

Erik Johansson - photo manipolation5

Erik Johansson - photo manipolation6

Erik Johansson - photo manipolation7

Erik Johansson - photo manipolation9

Erik Johansson - photo manipolation10

Erik Johansson - photo manipolation11

This last one is called ” Closing Out ” and you can see a behind the scenes video on how it was made below

Erik Johansson - photo manipolation8

Source: Petapixel


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