Dinara Kasko Architecture Cakes Defy “The Natural” Laws Of Cooking

Who said cooking was not an art? Cooking is more than an art, it’s a way of life. It sustains life and it gives us pleasure. For some it might even be a drug, but a less harmful one.

Who said cooking and architecture have nothing in common? They do have everything in common as you are about to see in the pictures below. Dinara Kasko is responsible for these cool architecture cakes. She is a former architect who took a different career path and became a cook.

Her cakes are a combination of experimental sculpture and precise architectural-based methods of construction to create some 3D graph-like desserts that remind us of avant-garde sculpture.

The creative process implies algorithmic tools and complex diagramming techniques to produce the amazing one-of-a-kind creations you are about to see scrolling down here. Kasko’s desire to “make something interesting and fresh” is satisfied with every brilliant piece of dessert that come out of her hands. As you are about to see, some of her creations defy the natural laws of cooking and her architecture cakes are simply amazing! More info: Facebook | Instagram | Website

1. Which part of the cake do you want?

Dinara Kasko architecture cakes (1)

2. Sweet and nice, are you ready to be eaten?

Dinara Kasko architecture cakes 2 (1)

3. Little bundle of joy

Dinara Kasko architecture cakes 3 (1)

4. What is it? Is it a stone? Is it a toy? Is it eatable? What is it?

Dinara Kasko geometrical cakes 4 (1)

5. Texture, geometry, dessert, perfection…

Dinara Kasko geometrical cakes 5 (1)

6. So sweet! I think I’m just gonna’ look at it and feast my eyes on it!

Dinara Kasko geometrical cakes 6 (1)

7. It looks so good you’re afraid to eat it because you will spoil it

Dinara Kasko geometrical cakes 7 (1)

8. Does it taste as sensational as it looks?

Dinara Kasko geometrical cakes 8 (1)

9. Geometrical lessons served as dessert

Dinara Kasko geometrical cakes 9 (1)

10. You’ve got some balls here!

Dinara Kasko geometrical cakes 10 (1)

11. Putting your heart on the dish

Dinara Kasko geometrical cakes 11 (1)

12. Where do you start eating it?

Dinara Kasko geometrical cakes 12 (1)

13. Is this some sort of extraterrestrial cake?

Dinara Kasko geometrical cakes 13 (1)

14. Is this a cake or a computer generated image?

Dinara Kasko geometrical cakes 14 (1)

15. Straight lines inside and all bumpy on the outside roof

Dinara Kasko geometrical cakes 15 (1)

16. I want THAT cake! I want it!

Dinara Kasko architecture cakes 16 (1)

17. Geometric perfection

Dinara Kasko architecture cakes 17 (1)

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