Creepy Cakes Will Give You Nightmares But When You Taste Them, OMG!

Usually birthday cakes are covered in balloons, flowers, a cheerful slogan, and some random edibles to represent the person with the birthday.

Artist Ketherine Dey however, has totally reinvented the word creepy with her rendition of the typical birthday cake. Her cakes are sculpted as realistic depictions of things typically deemed uncomfortable to look at, let alone eat. They are so impressive that you just can’t look away.


creepy cakes 1

creepy cakes 2

creepy cakes 3

creepy cakes 4

This 30-year-old Nurse from New York started baking cakes just a few shorts years ago. Dey says that she puts a lot of time and efforts into the designs to ensure that they don’t fall apart.

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“I am inspired by a lot of things/ I love that strange feeling I get when something looks real but it isn’t, or when a cake doesn’t look particularly appetizing but it is a cake and tastes delicious”, she told Buzzfeed.

“The Tell Tale Heart”

creepy cakes 5

creepy cakes 6

“Madagascar Hissing Cockroach”

creepy cakes 7

creepy cakes 8

“Bee-utiful Honey Comb”

creepy cakes 9

creepy cakes 10


creepy cakes 11

creepy cakes 12

“Rice Crispy Severed Pig Head”

creepy cakes 13

creepy cakes 14


creepy cakes 15

creepy cakes 16

creepy cakes 17

“Bleeding Deer Tick” with cherry frosting

creepy cakes 18

creepy cakes 19

creepy cakes 20

“Severed Husband’s Head” His body was donated to culinary science.

creepy cakes 21

creepy cakes 22

creepy cakes 23

“Baby Mummy”

creepy cakes 24

creepy cakes 25

“Baby Skull”

creepy cakes 26

creepy cakes 27

“Rectal Temperature Bum”

creepy cakes 28

Which ones would you dare to eat?

Source: Imgur | stuff



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