17 Glorious Pictures That Perfectly Show What Being An Adult Really Feels Like

When you’re a kid life is easy, you just wake up and do the world a favor by going to school to sit around with your friends half of the day and then go back home to play and eat for the second half. If you only knew what being an adult really is, you would probably want to stay a kid forever. Adulting is mostly not fun, because the adults are the ones making life so much easier for you kids to enjoy, so this post is for all the adults out there just trying to survive in this weird world.

1: Right on the money
What Being An Adult Feels Like 1

2: Going to college is mainly for the parties anyway

What Being An Adult Feels Like 2

3: Imagine how your father feels

adulting is hard 3

4: When you have one of those days

adulting is hard 4

5: Adulting is harder than you think

adulting is hard 5

6: There are levels of adult: Adult, older adult, adultier adult.

adulting is hard 6

7: Every.Day.Of.The.Week

adulting is hard 7

8: The hassle of getting sick as an adult

adulting is hard 8

9: Work politics is art

adulting is hard 9

10: Hate when people say stuff like that

adulting is hard 10

11: Sometimes you just gotta pull your own weight

adulting is hard 11

12: Adults take pride in little awards

adulting is hard 12

13: It takes almost your entire adult life to realise you’re fuc*ed

adulting is hard 13

14: Don’t even try

adulting is hard 14

15: Nothing matters, just let go

adulting is hard 15

16: Damn, so i’ve been adulting since 12 years old

What Being An Adult Feels Like 16

17: Good point

What Being An Adult Feels Like 17

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