Cozy Free Hugs Sofa Gives You Love And Warmth When You Sit On It


Is there anything in this world that’s better than a warm loving hug? The answer is NO, and this question was exactly what inspired the designer Eun Kyoung Lee to create this incredible Free Hug Sofa.

cozy sofa design 2

He created this sofa for the A’ Design Awards and besides being a really comfy sofa with a heavenly base, there’s one thing that pops out at you right away, it has arms! What does this mean you ask? Well as you cozy up on the sofa to read a book, watch TV or just nap, you can wrap the arms around you that according to Lee ” it will hold you warm and soft like your mother,friend and a lover without feeling lonely ”

cozy sofa design 3

The chair was inspired by the artist sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and when Lee saw the cute baby interact with his mom she was immediately reminded of the feeling of safe,love and warmth of a mother’s love, she wanted to incorporate this feeling in the design. When she talks about the Free Hug Sofa she often say ” In the hardness and urban chaos of the world, people are going to live a pure emptiness,forgotten childhood,relax “. More info : Website

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Source: TheBerry