The Latest Generation Atlas Humanoid Robot Is Here, And It’s Absolutely Incredible


Wanna see a robot gets pushed around and feel bad for him?

Watch this video and see the human geeks push it to the ground and knocking out boxes out of it’s hands.

The robot you see is the latest generation of Atlas, the super advanced humanoid robot built by Boston-Dynamics ( Google-owned). And by the looks of it, us humans will be the lesser advanced species on this planet in no-time.

The reason they’re hitting stuff out of Atla’s hands and pushing him around is to test it’s compensation systems. All that bad stuff they do will actually make it better and stronger so it could eventually be smart enough to out-smart them and kill them in a blazing robotic glory! NO NO, just kidding of course. ( Or am i…? )

atlas humanoid robot 4

atlas humanoid robot

This is the most advanced generation model of the Atlas robot and the first time we see it in action, and it absolutely kills its previous models when it comes to features and human-like behaviour.

The previous model was 330 lbs and 6′ tall. This model is super slim coming at only 180 lbs and 5.9′ which is still heavy enough you don’t want it falling on you, but it’s pretty close to an average human don’t you think? It has a lot of cool sensors too like LIDAR, Stereo cameras and much more all cramped inside a body that no longer needs tethers for support or power. Now that’s impressive!

atlas humanoid robot

atlas humanoid robot 1

Watch and bask in the glory of this soon to take over your job robot as he picks up boxes,open doors and stomps around in the heavy snow without falling, seriously, this is incredible as all of us had run through the snow and failed miserably while landing on our face in shame right?


atlas humanoid robot 2

Oh and one last thing, hockey stick guy? Pretty sure you will be the first to die when Judgement Day begins. Just sayin’

Source: Techcrunch

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