Cool Chocolate Boxes Are Edible Pantone Color Swatches


edible chocolate boxes 2

If you have ever painted a room, you know that color swatches are an invaluable tool for choosing just the right colors to delight the eye, but what if they were also an edible treat for the senses as well?

Barcelona based Design company BLOCD used the elegant line of colors created by Pantone to do just that.  The beautiful scale of hues is based on shades of chocolate.  With names like snow white and chocolate brown BLOCD  decided that chocolate “swatches” would make the perfect Christmas gift for their discriminating clients. It is the perfect blend of an irreplaceable design tool (color swatch) with an irresistible product (chocolate).  Alluring images of the mouthwatering color scheme are shown below!

edible chocolate boxes 3

edible chocolate boxes 4

edible chocolate boxes 5

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