The Best Way To Get That Six-Pack You Want Is Simply To Jump


jumping rope exercise 1

Are you constantly doing everything the “experts” claim will give you the perfect “six-Pack”?  Well here’s the truth: Doing all those trendy abs workouts is a waste of time. No amount of “Swiss ball crushes” or “barbell rollouts” is going to get you a six-pack.

You could do a 45-minute customized workout every day for the next 20 years, and you still wouldn’t get that mystical rack of abs. Magazines and fitness gurus practice solid marketing to convince you that their technique is the new miracle workout. The hard facts: ANY workout will burn between 80-155 calories per 15 minutes of activity. That is not really a lot when you consider that is takes only 1500 calories to maintain a weight of 180lbs.

Instead of a traditional workout, you need to really jump start your routine by buying a jump rope – no more abs workouts, instead try the number one fat-burning exercise of all time, jumping rope. In a short period of time you can burn a massive amount of calories. This is a result of a reaction called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC. Everyone continues to burn calories long after the exercise has ended.  Studies show that 15 minutes of high–intensity interval training can help you burn 400 calories a day. Outside of anabolic steroids, the simple act of jumping rope can yield tremendous results.

This type of training is far from easy. It consists of 30 seconds of jumping as fast as you can, 10 seconds of rest, then repeat for the remainder of the 15 minutes. Follow the circuit below for maximum results.  Repeat the circuit of jumping exercises 3 times within a 15 minute period. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on weight and rollers just to be discouraged, go for the 2 dollar jump rope and get the results you really want.

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