Classic Toy Soldiers Reach Zen Like Level By Practising Yoga Exercises

Figures of plastic Classic Toy soldiers have been adored among boys for ages. They were used for all kind of war games and battle strategies, but the last thing on your mind when you think on these rigid, plastic pieces is probably yoga. Dan Abramson did exactly the last thing on our minds when it comes to toy soldiers and put them in various yoga positions, making otherwise rigid soldiers, look doing them with a grace and ease.

Check in the gallery below firefly, advanced side plank, scorpion, peacock, king pigeon — mermaid arm variation, and lotus headstand — spherical helmet variation which are very advanced poses in yoga and part of a Abramson’s recent work, as well as some classics such as headstands, and downward-facing dog which dating from 2014. More info: Yoga Joes

“My hope is that advanced yoga joes inspire beginners to reach for the stars or, at the very least, to reach for their foot backward over their head. “ 

yoga joes toy (1)

yoga joes toy 2 (1)

“hope they inspire seasoned yoga masters to expand their own practice by showing off next to them on Instagram.”

yoga joes toy 3 (1)

“but whatever your skill level, I truly hope they inspire calm and focus, and hopefully more than a few smiles and laughs.”

yoga joes toy 4 (1)

Let me just stretch here on this hard rock

yoga joes toy 5 (1)

Head stand? Sure no prob

yoga joes toy 6 (1)

Can you do this? I can

yoga joes toy 7 (1)

Even the lizards are impressed

yoga joes toy 8 (1)

Head stand on top of the earth

yoga joes toy 9 (1)

I’m not even scared

yoga joes toy 10 (1)

yoga joes toy 11 (1)

No war, do Yoga

yoga joes toy 12 (1)

yoga joes toy 13 (1)

yoga joes toy 14 (1)

Great exercise for your lower back

yoga joes toy 15 (1)

Now relax at the end and steady your breathing

yoga joes toy 16 (1)

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