Cannabis Under The Microscope Looks So Stunning You Won’t Recognize It

The book “Cannabis Under The Microscope: A Visual Exploration of Medicinal Sativa and C. Indica” by Ford McCann is now available for all Kindle devices and on Amazon. The book is special for its images taken with optical microscopes and electron scanning microscopes.

They look surreal, artistic, mind-blowing and you could look at them for hours and hours. And that’s without even smoking or nothing. They are, actually, marijuana buds, plants like you’ve never seen them before. Maybe you’ve tried Marijuana or Cannabis before, maybe you plan on trying or maybe you don’t. In either way, you have to see these images as they are incredible.

It seems that, at the cellular level, Cannabis is a colorful, rich world that deserves to be explored more in depth.

From the incredible beauty of a plant emerging from damp rockwool, to the edge view of a cannabis leaf and the 3.5 mm wide field of view of a bud of cannabis plant, everything looks so out of this world. Could you ever think that Cannabis can look so breathless? Maybe we need more books like this to learn to fully appreciate the world around us.

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It is a beautiful world and every little microscopic part that it contains, help us be what we are now. There is a whole microscopic universe that awaits to be discovered and we need to invest much in it.

Anyways, we leave you here with some incredible samples of the book “Cannabis Under The Microscope: A Visual Exploration of Medicinal Sativa and C.Indica”. The book contains some 170 images. What you see here is just a teaser. Enjoy, and don’t forget to get the book from Amazon

The book Cannabis Under The Microscope: A Visual Exploration of Medicinal Sativa and C.Indica

cannabis under microscope 2 (1)


cannabis under microscope 3 (1)

Marijuana under microscope 4 (1)

Marijuana under microscope 5 (1)

Marijuana under microscope 6 (1)


Marijuana under microscope 7 (1)

Marijuana under microscope 8 (1)

Marijuana under microscope 9 (1)

MJ under microscope 10 (1)


MJ under microscope 11 (1)

MJ under microscope 12 (1)

MJ under microscope 13 (1)

cannabis microscope photos 14 (1)

cannabis microscope photos 15 (1)

cannabis microscope photos 16 (1)

cannabis microscope photos 17 (1)

cannabis microscope photos 18 (1)

cannabis under microscope 19 (1)


cannabis under microscope 20 (1)

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