This Is What You’ll Have For Breakfast In 24 Different Countries Around The World

Warning, if you haven’t eaten yet, you’re about to get really hungry. In the gallery below we will show you breakfast meals from around the world. What they eat in the United States in the mornings, what they eat in China. 

It’s interesting that you can actually learn a lot by looking at what people eat. Do they eat healthy, do they want to eat sweet or just veggies, each country has their own habits and ways that were passed on by their parents and grandparents, it’s very interesting to see and learn.

1: Japan

Tofu is a popular choice of food in Japan it is usually served with fish and rice, soak it in soya sauce and you got a delicious breakfast

breakfast around the world 1

2: USA

Thick homemade pancakes with bacon syrup and blueberries

breakfast around the world 2

3: Germany

Wursts, local cheese and freshly baked bread. Served with a strong coffee

breakfast around the world 3

4: Turkey

A few cheese, butter, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, jam, honey and spicy meat

breakfast around the world 4

5: Italy

Cappuccino and croissant

breakfast around the world 5

6: France

Croissant with crushed almonds, butter, chocolate or cream. with coffee on the side

breakfast around the world 6

7: Maroco

Different bread with chutney, jam, cheese or butter. a really delicious crumpet style bread that they make huge slabs of and you tear a bit for yourself. Also served is semolina pancake bread called Baghir

breakfast around the world 7

8: Egypt

Fava beans, chickpeas, garlic and lemon, boiled egg and sliced veggies

breakfast around the world 8

9: Full English breakfast

Sausages, bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, bread, black pudding and baked beans. Served with a cup of tea

breakfast around the world 9

10: Pakistan

Aloo Paratha – it’s an Indian unleavened flatbread made by pan frying. whole wheat dough, the dough contains ghee and the bread is usually stuffed with vegetables, You eat it with butter, chutney or some other spicy sauce

breakfast around the world 10

11: Australia

A meal with only one major ingredient, Vegemite. Every Aussie has this in his backpack, they never leave home without that brown salty thing.

breakfast around the world 11

12: China

Lunch breakfast and dinner are very similar in China, Noodles, rice, sticky chicken and fried veggies

breakfast around the world 12

13: Brazil

Selection of meats, cheese and bread is normal in Brazil

breakfast around the world 13

14: Estonia

Cured cheese on a wheat bloomer, it is known locally as ” cheese on toast ”

breakfast around the world 14

15: Argentina

” Mate ” it’s an infusion drink made with leaves of ” yerba ” ) or dulce de leche with ” features ” it’s a croissant-like pastry

breakfast around the world 15

16: Thailand

Meat in semolina mixture, in the picture, is pork porridge, it’s made of Chinese doughnuts, bean sprouts, pork intestine stuffed with peppery pork mince. pork heart stomach slivers and blood pudding. it’s an interesting dish you can’t deny

breakfast around the world 16

17: Canada

Baked or fried dumplings made from unleaded dough stuffed with potato filling. Sauerkraut, ground meat, cheese or fruit, served with a sausage and toast

breakfast around the world 17

18: Cuba

sweetened coffee with milk with a little salt. The Cuban bread is toasted and buttered so you can cut it into lengths and dunk in the coffee

breakfast around the world 18

19: Venezuela

Empanadas filled with fresh cheese, minced meat or any combination of veggies and beans

breakfast around the world 19

20: Mongolia

Boiled mutton with lots of fat and flour and dairy products or rice

breakfast around the world 20

21: Bolivia

Empanadas cross with Cornish pasties. They’re the traditional option in Bolivia and usually they are filled with meat and vegetables

breakfast around the world 21

22: Portugal

Simple and perfect, stuffed croissants and plenty of coffee

breakfast around the world 22

23: Mexico

Beef tips,chilaquiles and other assorted goodies, nachos, cheese and beans are always featured in a meal in Mexico and you can always expect it to be spicy

breakfast around the world 23

24: Ghana

Waakye, it’s basically rice cooked in beans and is found at al the street stalls

breakfast around the world 24

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