Best Marriage Proposal Ever? Soccer Star Sean Murdoch Teams Up With Flash Mob in Times Square


Sean Murdoch and the Broadway Dance Crew put together a show stopper in Times Square so Sean can propose to girlfriend, Charissa Ferguson!



Joining Mickey Mouse and Mario, Sean and Charissa watch from the sidelines as the dance crew performs to Bruno Mars’ “I Just Want To Marry You”

Sean-Murdoch-proposes-to-Charissa-Ferguson (1)

 Charissa is awed as Sean joins the dance crew showing off his killer dance moves to the choreography of Katelin Zelon.


Sean ends the performance down on one knee producing a stunning diamond ring!

And she says….”YES”

Sean-Murdoch-proposes-to-Charissa-Ferguson (2)

Sean, a Scottish football goalkeeper, has scored the winning goal with this fabulous performance!!

best marriage proposal ever


Source: Mirror


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