Baby Girl’s Reaction When Her daddy Picks Her Up From School Is Priceless


The baby’s first day in school can be a little tough for the child and parents but with a little preparation, it will be a bit easier to adjust and cope up with. Parents perhaps are uncomfortable and anxious about this kind of season for their babies  where they should leave them in school for a while to learn and be educated. “What if he needs me to accompany him in the bathroom?” “What if he didn’t eat his lunch?” Those are some anxiety problems that they may have to encounter.


Children have different personalities according to how you raised them and you can see it by the way they will behave when you first leave them in school. The school plays a big role in a baby’s awareness to learn new things and meet friends. When the school looks very conducive for babies, their attention will be drawn to anything they see and they become so excited to touch and play with the toys and all the stuff that are unusual to them. In that way, they forgot about their parents for a while. At some point you never know what your baby’s reaction will be on his or her first day in school. Watch this video of a baby’s first time to be away with her mom and dad, the reaction when her dad called her is so priceless. She’s just so excited to see them and so she runs after them and opens the door herself.

Source: Today