Husband’s Heartwarming Reaction When He Learned His Wife is Pregnant

A husband from Dinwiddie County, Virginia, named Arkell Graves did not manage to compose himself when he learned that his wife is pregnant for almost 5 months. Dana Griffin-Graves, finally after she has suffered  distressing and traumatic 4 miscarriages, got this big news to her husband that he’s going to be a father  to their little boy due on February next year.

What a very precious moment! Their 17 long years of waiting is over!

buns in the oven

This video highlighted Arkel Graves where he is preparing food for dinner, when his wife told her to open the oven. There, Dana planted the ultrasound photos of the  baby right next to the package of buns and her husband’s reaction is indeed heartwarming, weeping uncontrollably over the dining area.

His wife secretly recorded his reaction over that announcement and has gone viral over all social media and even in the news. This may not be a typical scenario in the house for some couples but this one really nailed it, for touching the lives of hundreds of thousand viewers online

If you haven’t watched it yet, now is the best time. Be inspired and share this to your friends and loved ones!

Source: Elitedaily



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