Hilarious Version Of Hallelujah By a Talented Mom

Shannon Albert is a mother of a three-year-old and a baby, she has an extremely beautiful voice and unique talent. She is a full-time mom and goes throughout a day taking care of her children, but she found a way how to entertain herself, her kids, and broader audience. She made a video in which she sings to her baby a famous song Hallelujah but with a little bit different lyrics than you’ve probably had a chance to hear before in the original. The lyrics she sings are with a dose of humor and referring to all those not so, let’s say charming, responsibilities every mom has to do during a day. I would say this is a total win for  Shanon and great advice to all moms – try to turn potential complaining into a singing!

Check the video, the lyrics will certainly make you smile, you will enjoy her singing for sure,  and the baby is a real cutie.

Source: Faithtap | Youtube


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