a Boy Saved $120 This Year, How He Spent It Will Make You Proud


Its saturday morning and a special son walks into his mom and dad room and says ” i want to use my saved money to help the homeless ” the surprised but proud dad replies ” well what do you have in mind  ” to which the son immediately say ” i wanna make them lunches ” the proud dad looked at his son and thought ” i should pay for this , there is no reason he should not hold to his saved money ” but the light in his eyes told him its best to just roll with it

best son ever

The son decided that dad will be on sandwich duty and he will be in charge of putting everything in paper bags 

best son ever

Look at that proud little face

best son ever

Finished all the lunches and everything is packed nice and clean 

best son ever

To the lunch mobile ! Na Na Na Na nO nO nO No

best son ever

He did most of the handing out himself , this is the only picture taken that day 

best son ever

This kid is gonna grow up and do something really special for the world 


Source: Imgur


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